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Harrison Kerr

Level / Game Designer
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Hey there! Welcome to my portfolio! I'm Harrison, a Toronto based passionate and dedicated Game and Level Designer. I love to create compelling game play experiences for players to enjoy.

I'm always excited to take on interesting design challenges ,working together with a team, solving problems and creating amazing games!




Riverbond Crystalwatch

An update/port to the Nintendo Switch to the existing title of Riverbond. In Riverbond - Crystalwatch Max must now delve into an ancient civilization to save the villagers from the corrupting crystal dragon. 

Role: Level Designer
Team Size: 8


Created over the course of 8 months Wyrmwood is a Hack n Slash Deck building game where the player plays as Fig, a curious moth who has landed themselves in the middle of a run down temple. Players are able to draft their own custom deck of cards/abilities and use them to fight off strange creatures in this new mysterious land.

Role: Project Management/Level Design

Team Size: 5

Newton is a 2D arcade platformer where the player has to switch gravity in order to traverse through a series of progressively more difficult levels. Along the way they will encounter spikes, pits, buttons, and objects that affected by the players gravity. This game was created in a team of three over the course of two weeks. 

Role: Level/Game Designer

Team Size: 3

Newton Image.png


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