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“Riverbond is a shoot-and-slash dungeon crawler that combines a handcrafted adventure with a destructible voxel world. Adventure solo or together with friends with drop-in/out couch co-op, and embark on a heroic campaign to help rid the evil that has befallen the land.” - Cococucumber

Role: Level Designer

Team Size: 8

Area 1 : Badger Camp

Objective: Kill x specific structures

Overview: This starting area of this world takes the player to an encampment of badgers who are being attacked by lizard people. The player is tasked with taking out the “tongue tunnels” throughout the level helping defend the displaced badgers.


Design considerations:
- Players need to learn how to fight a new enemy

- Intro the story of the badger population, show this through the level design and decoration

- Engine performance and optimization


Area 6 : Hog Miniboss

Objective: Kill the Hog Miniboss

Overview: As the players are searching for a golden idol to open a locked door in the previous room, they find themselves faced up against a giant hog with large gatling guns. Players must defeat this miniboss to acquire the “golden idol” and explore the area for new weapons and player skins.


Design considerations:
- Boss area, arena style layout, players need enough space to dodge attacks

- Destructible environment for the bosses attacks to break.

Area 7 : Trapped Cliffs

Objective: Interact with x structures

Overview: In this area the player has to kindle shrines as they traverse through a ruined area of the badger civilization. The new environmental hazard of the spinning which was introduced in the previous area becomes more deadly, potentially knocking players and enemies off the edge of the cliff into the abyss below.


Design considerations:
- Expand upon the environmental hazards, use them in new ways, facilitate player interaction with them.

Kings Garden

Objective: Browse your skins!

Overview: In this area of the game players can view all of their acquired skins in an interactable environment. The skins can be seen walking around the garden and when the player interacts with them they can switch to that skin to try it out. Players can also see the skins that have yet to collect as ghostly specters.


Design considerations:
- Let players see their total collection of skins outside of the main game.

- Area needs to be big enough to house the current amount of skins as well as any that would be later added to the game.

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