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Gemini was created to explore FMV and the use of different camera systems within unity in. Gemini is a narrative, mystery, point and click game, where the player has to use clues and video logs in order to figure out what happened to Dr. Francis J Ward. We wanted to focus not only on storytelling through FMV and text but also through objects that are found within the world as well as including story elements the player can interact with.


After the player thinks that they have found all the clues and have figured out what happened to the professor they are tasked with writing  a report. This report gets scanned for certain keywords and if the player gets enough of these keywords correct they complete  them game and win.

Progression and Video logs

This game was created as a way of experimenting with Full motion video. We decided to let the player explore the story and events that lead to the doctor's death through video logs that he has created during the experiment. These video logs are scattered around the lab and some of them can only be accessed after the player has solved a puzzle or found a password.

Inspection and Puzzles

We also included an inspection system into the game so the player would be able to interact and get information from certain key items found around the lab. The player is able to get the information required to complete puzzles and acquire more videos logs directly from these objects.

We also included puzzles in the game world which slowly reveal more information as the player completes them. Some of these puzzles can be completed using info found on objects or even information acquired through the video logs.

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