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Here Comes The Airplane

Here Comes the Airplane is a surreal VR experience where the player has to dodge out of the way of healthy food and consume the tasty junk food. This game was created over the course of a weekend with a team of 6 for Global Game Jam. The main goal of our team was to make something weird and fun while experimenting what we could do with VR.

Design Challenges

VR and Simulator Sickness

One of the biggest challenges that we had to overcome very quickly was motion sickness. When testing the game is quickly became apparently that, as it stood, the game would make the player incredibly sick. To solve this issue we first did some research on how other VR titles reduced the amount of simulator sickness they would induce. One the most prominent and impactful things we did was to give the player a nose. This not only serves as a replacement for the one you usually see but also as a point of reference, something to orient the player around.

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